There is always the sun

Soto Solar is committed to harvesting the sun’s energy. We develop, finance and manage large scale solar PV plants in Spain and Portugal.

Our Mission

At Soto Solar we believe solar energy is key to realizing Europe’s renewable energy ambitions. Our mission is to make a positive contribution to this energy transition.

In order to realize this ambition, solar energy needs to develop towards becoming a mainstream asset class. Soto Solar is a professional and reliable partner for developers and investors who share this view.

Our focus is on developing long-term partnerships that deliver high quality generation assets and generate an attractive risk-return profile.

As an employer, we offer stable employment opportunities in an attractive workplace.


Our team consists of experienced solar energy specialists and development partners who have worked across Spain, Portugal and the rest of Europe.

Our expertise covers the full spectrum: from sourcing and (co)development to financing and asset management.


Soto Solar

Torre Europa

Paseo de la Castellana 95

Módulo C, planta 11a

28046 Madrid, España

+34 6 076 05 668